Monday, April 3, 2017


Single Cylinder Kit for Engines Over 250cc


  • Kit Main Components
  • 2lb Blue Bottle
  • Fuel Pump
  • Single Fogger Nozzle
  • Fuel & Nitrous Solenoids

2 lb Nitrous Bottle Electric Blue Finish with Mini Hi-Flow Valve


  • For Optimum Weight Reduction
  • Distinctive Electric Blue Look
  • DOT-Approved
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WARNING FOR 03001NOS: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Exhaust System.

Most probably one of the most controversial items to fabricate on any Rod.
Every man and his dog has there own opinion.
Quiet and Tame or Loud and Angry!

Here were some options.

Straight out the top.

Or out the side with a silencer!

Or just plain straight out baby.

We tried the "Straight out the side" option first and it looked and sounded great.
The first few prototypes had this exhaust fitted.

In the photo below one can see it fitted to the horozontal shaft Type 1 engine

As performance mod's came a long it became necessary to drastically improve the exhaust system.
Free flow race pipes seemed the way to go.

Over the internet we used a number of performance tools and came up with this winning combination.

A Hand Fabricated header extractor pipe fitted to a FMF Shorty.

Not one, but TWO FMF Power Core 4 stroke Race Exhausts.

These would be later wrapped in carbon fibre tape to help protect and limit heat seepage.

Air Filter Assembly.

The Air Filter assembly needed  to have a Rat-Rod look. 
Not be too big and clumsy,
 and at the same time do it's job - clean the air.

We also wanted it to bolt directly onto the Electric Supercharger,
 this would save some space.

Back to the mighty EvilBay to find a 66mm filter.

66mm Throat on each side of the Supercharger.

This is what we found!

Dress up your engine with an 4 inch round RPC Chrome air cleaner with paper element. Fits 1 & 2 barrel Carburetors with 2-5/8" Neck. Mounting stud included.

Diameter (in): 4 in.
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Chromed 
Height (in): 2-7/8 in.
Air Cleaner Filter: White paper
Mounting stud Included: Yes

Friday, December 9, 2016

Flame Thrower.

New addition to the project and hopefully the last.

Just imagine a spectacle like this!

We could of course purchase a flame thrower kit from a reputable seller and enjoy  installing it ourselves.
This way we would know that it works and is safe.
Also there is the life time guarantee to consider.
The web site below offers a range of flamethrowers that are very professionally made and would suit our project well.

Just click the image to see the link.

Or we could jump into the project and build our very own customized flame thrower.
Yes! -  now that's the spirit!
So off we went and this is the research we came back with.
  1. Fuel - diesel - petrol - propane.
  2. Pressurized by - electric fuel pump or compressed air.
  3. Ignition - electric spark / coil - propane flame - cigarette lighter.
  4. Exhaust type or independent flame thrower.
  5. What kind of a show do we want to put on?

We thought something in the league of these machines below would give the show we  are looking for.
Watch the clips and enjoy.

This is not a clip that favors green freaks or people who hug trees.

Great for those who love fossil fuel.

The flame thrower artist below use a propane ignition system.

Wiring Diagram for Exhaust Flame Thrower.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inspiration and Dream-time.

The images below all served as inspiration for this fun project.
With so many beautiful minds out there our little grey cells had to work hard to restrict and limit all the possibilities.

As a young teenager I was given a Revell 1/5 model  of the Ford Model T.
 "Big T" was the name given to this very well detailed model.
For more than twenty years the model lived on the mantle place in my workshop.
Many people remarked and admired the "Big T" which got me thinking.
Could I build my own miniature Hot Rod!
Well time has come to give it a go.

Here is an identical model to mine.

Here is the real life size hot rod that the model was cloned from.

Our intention is to build a rat rod that resembles the "Big T" but also has 
it's own personality.
Instead of the red theme of the "Big T" we would like to keep the Caterpillar 
yellow color scheme.
Yes ! This would be a mini Caterpillar Hot Rod.

Now something like this would be perfect, just a mini version.
Great video below.

Here is a truck with air bag rear suspension.
This would be a must for our rod.

Two practice bombs were used for fuel tanks here.
Would we be able to include this smart idea!

Big wide rear wheels always look great.
Then we saw duel rear wheels on a rat rod and we were sold!

We loved the lines of the "Big T" and did not want to loose it's hot rod look.
At the same time we wanted something a little more eccentric.
Then we stumbled on the "Red Barron".
All of a sudden the little grey cells ran a riot.

This is also a great hot rod, the grille , headlights , windscreen visor and exhaust
have attracted our attention.